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Pennsylvania Family Law Attorney
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Compassionate attorney helping Pennsylvania families for more than 31 years
Since 1986, Susan E. Murray, with offices in Media, Pennsylvania, has served families in Delaware and Chester Counties in matters of divorce, equitable distribution, and child custody and support. I have a long track record of success mediating and litigating resolutions to family disputes in a fair and equitable manner. Informed by more than 31 years of experience in the financial, legal and personal dynamics of divorce, I can guide you through the often emotional and painful experience of divorce towards a realistic outcome that sustains your material and psychological resources. Especially when children are involved, I work to resolve your dispute fairly and amicably without resorting to court. In cases where there is no alternative to litigation, I fight vigorously to protect your interests.

Attention to the financial and emotional needs of every client
As a former therapist, I understand the emotional burdens as well as the financial costs of family law issues. My approach to your case involves:

  • Individual attention — I recognize that each client has unique financial and emotional needs and limits, and I work diligently to protect your interests in relation to your personal situation. If I believe counseling would be helpful, I recommend this to you. I keep you focused on your goals and help you achieve them as you work through the often arduous process of divorce.
  • Mediation — In the interest of reducing the time, stress and cost of divorce, it is often beneficial to pursue a settlement without litigation. Mediation encourages cooperation in a structured setting through a trained facilitator. I skillfully negotiate to help you obtain an equitable settlement and healthy and fair child custody and support arrangement.
  • Devotion — If it is necessary to pursue litigation in order to reach a just settlement, I am devoted to using my experience to develop compelling trial strategies and fight through the adversarial litigation process to achieve a successful resolution to your case.
Areas of Practice

Respected counsel prepares clients for life changes

I represent clients in all types of family law matters, including:

  • Divorce — Whether your divorce can be handled through mediation or requires leaving the tough decisions to a judge, I will take the time to listen to what really matters to you to present the best argument possible, including when it comes to paying or receiving alimony.
  • Equitable distribution — Pennsylvania law requires most property acquired during a marriage to be divided by equitable distribution. I can ensure the process is accomplished fairly.
  • Child custody and support — Like the courts, you want what is best for your child, and so do I. Together, we can appeal to the judge for the child custody and child support arrangements that truly take this into account, including modifications to such agreements.
  • Paternity — Whether you seek to establish or dispute paternity, I can represent your interests under the law.
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements — I can help you draw up a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement that addresses such issues as equitable distribution of assets and spousal support to protect both parties in the event of divorce.
  • Military divorce and spouses’ rights — I provide guidance and representation for service members and nonmilitary spouses going through a military divorce.

For any of these family law matters, I offer individualized attention that respects how important these issues are to you and your future.


Consult with a seasoned Pennsylvania family law attorney

For divorce, child support, alimony and related matters in the Media, Pennsylvania area, Susan E. Murray can provide valuable assistance. Call me at 267-668-3395 or contact me online today.

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