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Dedicated Pennsylvania Family Law Attorney Provides Guidance

Respected Media divorce lawyer helps you through challenging times

I, Susan E. Murray, established my Media, Pennsylvania law firm in 1986 to help people with a variety of family law issues, including those pertaining to divorce, child custody and child support. When life is about to change for a couple, especially if they have children, I provide legal guidance and representation that helps them make the tough decisions and prepare for the future.

Experienced law firm uses mediation to foster cooperation

Whether you are in the process of filing for divorce or have been served with divorce papers, I can help to protect your best interests, including by reducing stress and expenses through mediation when possible. Divorce doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out proceeding with a lot of contention. If you and your spouse both consent to the divorce and are in agreement with such matters as how you will provide for your children and divide assets and debt, you may be able to complete your divorce in months instead of years.

Assertive litigator addresses child support and custody issues

Having an experienced litigator by your side can reduce the uncertainty involved with child support and custody hearings and provide valuable assistance in seeking the best outcome for you and your children. I capably represent clients going through contentious divorces where children are caught in the middle, and I can assist you with obtaining, modifying or enforcing support and custody agreements.

Established counsel protects your best interests during alimony and property arrangements

Whether you are ordered to pay alimony or expect to receive it after your divorce, it is important to know how Pennsylvania law establishes who pays, how much, and for how long. In our state, the court can actually award alimony, alimony pendente lite or spousal support. The difference is when they are paid/received: during separation, while the divorce is in process or, in the case of alimony, after the divorce. Many factors go into determining the amount and length of payments according to Pennsylvania law and the judge’s discretion, such as the spouses’ income and earning ability, the standard of living during the marriage and what each spouse brought to the marriage in terms of assets, debts and contributions such as homemaking.

Pennsylvania law provides for most of the property acquired during a marriage to be divided fairly, though not necessarily equally, by a process known as equitable distribution. Certain types of assets, however, are exempt, such as gifts and inheritances received by one spouse. I have extensive experience making sure that all relevant considerations are given due weight in attaining a just division of assets.

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At my law firm, Susan E. Murray in Media, Pennsylvania, I have more than three decades of experience handling divorce, child support and custody, and other family law matters. Call me at 267-668-3395 or contact me online for a consultation.

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